• 04 de Abril de 2019

    Looking for the perfect honeymoon destination? Gran Canaria provides the best conditions for a relaxed honeymoon in the sun.

    10 reasons why going on honeymoon in Gran Canaria

    10 reasons why going on honeymoon in Gran Canaria

    Looking for the perfect honeymoon destination? Gran Canaria offers you a wide range of possibilities. The spanish island in the Atlantic Ocean provides the best conditions for a relaxed honeymoon in the sun.

    Following you will find 10 of the most important reasons:


    1. Perfect weather in Gran Canaria

    Due to the southern location of Gran Canaria, there are warm summer temperatures of around 24 degrees throughout the whole year. Another Advantage are the over 300 days of sunshine a year. No matter when you choose to visit the island you will always enjoy a summer honeymoon on Gran Canaria.


    2. Beautiful beaches in Gran Canaria

    The Island offers a variety of beautiful beaches for a wonderful honeymoon in Gran Canaria. Choose between the golden brown sandy beaches in the south, the black lava sand in the north and the rocky cliffs in the west of the Island.


    3. Unique Nature of Gran Canaria

    Gran Canaria well deserves its name as miniature continent. Due to its orography, the island not only disposes of different climate zones, but also numerous unique landscapes. Discover places such as the Dunes of Maspalomas or the Roque Nublo. And take some unique honeymoon pictures.


    4. Stargazing in Gran Canaria

    Is there anything more romantic than swearing each other your eternal love under the stars? Gran Canaria offers unique conditions to spend dreamlike nights under the stars during your honeymoon.


    5. Incredible Accommodations

    The Island offers a variety of unique accommodations, to make your honeymoon on Gran Canaria unforgettable. As for example the luxurious accommodations of Bubbletent Canarias. The extraordinary structure of the Bubbles and their location in the middle of nature allow you to enjoy dreamlike moments that you will remember for a lifetime.


    6. Wellness

    During a perfect honeymoon in Gran Canaria, of course, the wellness factor should not be missing. The Island disposes of numerous spas and wellness facilities, with first-class massage and therapies, using local cosmetic products such as Aloe Vera. 


    7. Romantic

    Romantic moments for two, are very important during your honeymoon. Gran Canaria offers a variety of different services to create unforgettable moments.

    Tip: Many hotels offer a wide range of extras, such as a Romantic Package to surprise your loved one. Add it directly to your reservation.


    8. Activities in Gran Canaria

    Due to its variety of landscapes, Gran Canaria offers numerous excursions and activities. That makes the island also a perfect destination for those who are looking for sport and action during their honeymoon in Gran Canaria. There are numerous local companies that offer different sports activities, like for example hiking or surfing. Climbo is one of the adventure companies, that shows you the beautiful sides of Gran Canaria by the hand of the best experts, to live unforgettable moments during your honeymoon on the island.


    9. Security

    Due to Gran Canaria belonging to Spain and thus Europe, there is a very high security level on the Island. The European Health System and the currency of the euro are other advantages, when choosing Gran Canaria as honeymoon destination.


    10. Hospitality

    The inhabitants of Gran Canaria are very friendly and helpful. They are always happy to give you some tips and share their culture with others. Let yourself be inspired by the positive vibe of the "Canarios" during your honeymoon and take this joy into your marriage.

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